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The AutIRC network was founded originally in 2007 from a former ChatAutism server, the network slowly gained a regular userbase until having to temporarily cease operations in January 2009, it took 3 months before the network was relaunched, and it regained some of it's userbase. The network took another blow when the server was relocated due to the moving of the administrator to a new home, this was due to to no access to the telephone network infrastructure for a DSL, this was rectified, but the server suffered numerous DDoS attacks not long after it's launch, user levels are now slowly increasing.
IRC Network

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Network founded

February 2007, relaunched April 2009

Server/Round Robin address

Founder nickname

red-squirrel (was Pikachu)

Staff/IRCop nicknames

  • red-squirrel

Country of origin

United Kingdom

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